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Since 1986 we started our experience in the production of cheeses.
In 2005 he built a new dairy that can transform all our own milk. Below you will find all the variety and characteristics of our cheeses.

Fresh Pecorino Cheese
These are cheeses that have had a quick maturing and who present a clear and thin crust slightly amber color. The consistency of the dough is soft. Keep lactic characters in both sweet and sour that smells and aromas. Outweigh the smells of fresh milk and yogurt and hand you progress in the show is maturing herbaceous scent reminiscent of pasture grasses and configuring a more complex aromatic complex.
They are very popular with children and those who prefer mild flavors and aromas. Interesting and are particularly in demand are the cheeses produced in winter. It characterized for a particularly soft, easily deformable and irregular in shape because a very buttery texture. Remember for some consistency stracchini, but the taste is very fruity and lactic aroma components are particularly attractive. The fresh sheep's milk is particularly appropriate for use in the kitchen because they melt. Excellent melt if left on slices of toasted bread on the grill. Also warm cheese younger reveal intense smell fresh and pleasing aromas that blend with the smells that are freed from the bread. They were the goodies sempici of country life. It could be a quick snack prepared by putting two slices of bread on warm springs resting on the fireplace and adding a nice brace of feta cheese fresh.Not just to children at a time. They are able to stimulate the appetite and the curiosity of today's children more than many snacks appetzzate artificially.
Seasoned Pecorino Cheese
Sheep are more mature and more flavorful. They come with a darker crust on the surface that can be treated simply with olive oil or tomato sauce to encourage conservation. The rind, after being cleaned or scraped, it can be eaten because they are not used chemicals or substances that act as antimicrobial preservatives. The paste is pale straw yellow color and becomes more solid as the curing progresses. The structure is compact with holes in the product to pasteurized milk and more pronounced in type to raw milk.Try it you will find a good balance between the flavors. Compared to the fresh product there is a sharp reduction in the taste sour, salty and a higher incidence of the onset of hot sensations. With the aging process, the fragrant and aromatic profile becomes progressively more complex. Lactic primary odors and flavors are complemented by secondary aromas derived from the action of enzymes and microorganisms on milk fat and protein components of milk. Especially in the raw milk product exhibits a great complexity of aromas with hints of pop grassy hay and the presence of aromatic elements that recall the resin and pine nuts.The variety of odors that develop in the ripening process is so great that an experienced taster can find plenty of fun parts. The sheep's milk cheese are suitable to be tasted with Tuscan bread (wheat bread with no added salt) and be accompanied by a good red wine.It 'great to finish off a meal, to replace the second or for a snack.

Semi stagionato Rosso
Stagionato Noce
Tartufo Vinaccia

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