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The Sarda is a prevailing attitude in the Italian race to the production of milk. Native breed of Sardinia, has spread throughout central Italy. The Sarda represents about 40% of the national sheep population. Is a hardy breed and very productive.

The herd consists of approximately 600 dairy sheep of Sarda.
The animals were feeding mainly based on grazed grass and fodder, with a modest intake of cereals. In periods of reduced productivity of pastures (summer and coldest periods of winter and dry) hay supplement in the ration. For cereals shall be used solely for food crops from simple corporate or other organic farms in the area.We do not use commercial compound feed.The grains are ground and mixed in the mill business relations appropriate to meet the needs of animals in various stages of production.
The parties have begun as early as August and will follow up to Easter.Every year we raised as part of a comeback hundred lambs that replace the older sheep. The rams are sourced from selected farms to genetically improve the herd.
The lambs are fed milk exclusively breastfed.
The fold
The fold is used for housing at night especially during the winter. In hot weather because the animals are on pasture at night.The fold is also the place where the milking and the place where food is distributed. This is a newly built to provide the animals with adequate space and the best hygienic conditions.
The parlor is a room dedicated exclusively to this purpose.The sheep are milked with a milking modern mechanics providing over milk hygiene improvement of working conditions for operators. The correctness of the milking is essential for the welfare of lactating ewes and for the quality of the product.The fresh milk is kept refrigerated in a container waiting to be transported to the dairy for processing.
Animal Welfare
The protection of animal welfare, together with consumer protection, is a cornerstone of organic farming.The techniques of farming, grazing, the type of housing, the accuracy of the milking and the proper relationship between man and animal are the ways in which the animal is placed in conditions that most correspond to their ethological needs. Improve farming conditions is to reduce stress and to develop robust immune system of the animal.

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